Recent Conferences

Facing the-Future – click the link to download the presentation

Ghost in the Analysis – click the link to download: Kelly – Ghost in Analysis

Bibliography for Ghost in the Analysis – download here: Bibliography for Ghost in the Analysis

The Role of the Pentecostal Academy – click here to download: RoleofPentAcademy

Bibliography for Role of the Pentecostal Academy Presentation – click here: BibliographylforPresentation atAGConferenceSummer2011

“Measuring the Spirit’s Move: The Boon and the Bane of the Use of Empirical Methods in the Study of Evangelism, Conversion and Spirituality” in Proceedings of the Inaugural Faith and Science Conference, David R. Bundrick & Steve Badger, Eds. Springfield, MO: Gospel Publishing House, 2011: Article for Faith and Science Conference

“Christian University as Messianic Community in Missional Engagement with the Church and the World” in Transforming Leadership (Lakeland, FL: Small Dogma Publishing), 2008: ChristianUniversityinMessianicMissionalEngagement

Strategic Education Plans

Proposal for a School of Integrative Ministry: SOMProposal

Sample Course Descriptions for a School of Integrative Ministry: CourseDescriptionsl

Strategic Plan for Regional Schools of Evangelism: BSOEstratplan

Other Presentations

For a sample of Dr. Kelly’s teaching in the classroom click on this link: The Main Thing is to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

Flash Files for Robert Bank’s Reenvisioning Theological Education:

Reenvisioning Theological Education – Session 1

Reenvisioning Theological Education – Session 2

Reenvisioning Theological Education – Session 3

Reenvisioning Theological Education – Session 4

Epistemology, Ethos & Environment – Session 5