Connecting Church Planting Teams

Connecting Church Planting Teams

Church Planters, or those thinking about it, should access the following sites to get a sense of all the support available in the process.  The first three are particularly important in helping get started in the process of discerning God’s will and accessing the resources for a successful plant.

Coach Net International Ministries – Founder Bob Logan is perhaps the most influential of church plant gurus out there. He has taught church planting for over 30 years at Fuller Seminary and makes his best stuff available to you for a nominal fee – all on this website.  For the “how to” in church planting – this site is a must subscribe for new church planters. His material will walk you through the basics of church planting from the initial idea all the way to a successful launch and beyond. Network– exists to be a catalyst for collaboration among local churches that share a passion to reproduce themselves and to unite them to be the church in new expressions to every man, woman, and child throughout the region of Central Florida and beyond.  Click on their link to learn more about the LiveSent Conversation to be held at Souteastern University in Sept. 2010.

The Church Multiplication Network– Church Multiplication Network of the Assemblies of God collaborates with church multipliers to effectively equip, strategically fund and innovatively network new faith communities.

Natural Church Development Internationaloffers the most extensive assessment for church health available based on international norms.  Over 35,000 churches, 25k in the U.S. have completed their NCD Survey and your church can be compared to the national norms and internally on 8 quality characteristics of church health.

ChurchSmart Resources is an independent Christian publishing company and training organization. There focus is on church planting, church health and leadership development. They are the U.S. partner for NCD (see above) and have all their material available in English.

The Barna Group– No one should plant without doing their homework first.  Knowing the audience you intend to reach is no easy task with the complexity of our culture shifting so rapidly.  Surfing the edge of chaos was never easy but credible data is crucial to discerning what is going on in the mission fields we are trying to reach and Barna has some of the most current and up-to-date data available.

The Percept Group is certainly one of the experts in creating affordable, yet comprehensive Ministry Area Profiles for your demographics work before planting. There are many sources for this kind of thing, but they put it all together for just over $200 for their digital package.

The Forgotten Ways– Developing Apostolic Imagination and Practice in Western Contexts- Alan Hirsch, author of The Forgotten Ways, provides a number of assessments that assist church planters in identifying their key strengths and gifts-one of the most popular being the APEST assessment of your ministry style in relation to the five-fold ministry of Ephesians 4. The book is certainly oneo of the most seminal works in the area of a missiology/theology of networking the Kingdom toward the development of scores of missional communities of faith around the world.

The Association of Related Churches (ARC) – The Association of Related Churches brings together people with a passion for planting and growing life-giving churches. They are comprised of a Board of Directors that oversees a larger membership of churches which partner with ARC to financially and personally support the growth of new ARC church plants.

Big Net Ministries International– Big Net Ministries International is a non-profit religious organization based in California and Florida. Their purpose is to ignite outward-focused and strength-based leaders, churches and communities of the 21st century.

Ethnic Harvest – Resources for Multicultural Ministry- Ethnic Harvest works in partnership with evangelical churches and agencies, offering stories, resources and practical ideas for forming cross-cultural friendships and living your faith more effectively.

Forge Australia – Forge is an innovative mission training network that seeks to equip Christian leaders for mission in a first world setting.

New Churches – New Churches offers tutorials and resources relevant to the process of starting a new church.  This site also provides blogs in which church planters can interact with one another.

People Groups – People Groups gives up to date information on the distribution of new people groups in the United States.

Church Planting Village – Church Planting Village provides various links and points of connection for people at various levels of church planting.

The Malphurs Group – provides free resources for people engaged in church planting. They also do consulting with churches that are facing growth challenges. This link provides access to numerous helpful surveys and other measures for those wanting to accurately assess various aspects of church planting and/or church health.

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